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Company Profile

Corporate philosophy
Connecting people and companies to change the future from tomorrow Asuka Corporation
President message In today's society, the declining labor force and the shortage of human resources due to the declining birthrate and aging population are becoming major issues.
In addition, the diversifying working styles are changing the employment environment of companies and individuals. Companies are required to respond flexibly to changes as legal reforms and globalization progress.
In a society that has entered a turbulent era, we consider human resources to be property.
Since we established an excellent human resource who will be a partner company's strength and an environment where you can fully demonstrate your individual skills, we have made efforts to create the best match between company and people and provide stable services .
We aim to be a creative company that is trusted by society, and we will move forward step by step so that the future from tomorrow will change richer.
Corporate history
Business information Worker dispatch business, Work contract business, Warehousing business (Business Permit Number) Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Permit (fam) 08-300259